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Get Smarter About Social Innovation



The "Impact Insider" is a monthly newsletter that will quickly get you up to date on the top social impact strategies, stories and opinions that are driving impact across various sectors.

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Talking Point

A deep dive on a social impact issue. This is the hot take you can take for discussion into your next meeting!


Reading the Room

Bullet points to quickly get you up to speed! A quick survey of social innovation, including news on DEI, movement-building marketing, cross-sector collaboration and more.


Go Deeper

Workshops, webinars, and blogs that help you dive deeper into the topics you care about most.

  • Weekly Insights, Big Ideas

    Get your monthly dose of inspiration in just 5 minutes. Perfect for sparking conversations at your next event or coffee break.

  • Fuel for Thought Leaders

    Each issue is packed with insights and stories designed to push boundaries and provoke thought. Whether you're in the boardroom or the community, you'll find something to talk about.

  • From the Ground Up

    Discover collaborative strategies and holistic approaches that address the root causes of our society's most complex issues. It's all about building impactful partnerships and movements.


Frequently asked questions

Things you might want to know about us.

What types of organizations does Next Stage partner with?

We collaborate with a broad spectrum of organizations committed to social impact, including nonprofits, private sector companies, government agencies, faith institutions, and community leaders. Our goal is to foster collaboration and innovation to tackle today's most pressing social issues

How can Next Stage help my organization with strategic planning?
Our strategic planning services are designed to provide your organization with a clear, inspiring vision, supported by data-driven insights. We work with you to create a practical roadmap for implementation, helping you inspire support both internally and within the broader community.
Can Next Stage assist in developing our CSR or ESG strategy?
Absolutely! We specialize in helping CSR and business leaders evolve their social impact efforts into cohesive ESG strategies. This includes aligning impact strategy, developing community partnerships, creating detailed implementation roadmaps, and activating employee engagement to make a significant community impact.
What is the 'Community Voice' approach, and how does it benefit our organization?

Community Voice is our unique methodology focused on fostering two-way communication between communities and institutions. Through stakeholder engagement, community insights, and needs assessments, we help build trust and transparent communication, moving forward initiatives that have a meaningful impact.

How does Next Stage approach collaboration management for complex initiatives?

We believe that bringing diverse perspectives together is key to addressing systemic challenges. Our collaboration management services include expert project management and the use of our digital platform, Cultivate Impact, to ensure effective coordination and partnership among all stakeholders involved in complex initiatives.